The Word Is Alive

The Gospel of Matthew

The story of Jesus doesn’t begin with Jesus. God had been at work for a long time. Salvation, which is the main business of Jesus, is an old business. Jesus is the coming together in final form of themes and energies and movements that had been set in motion before the foundation of the world.

Matthew opens the New Testament by setting the local story of Jesus in its world historical context. He makes sure that as we read his account of the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, we see the connections with everything that has gone before. ‘Fulfilled’ is one of Matthew’s characteristic verbs: such and such happened “that it might be fulfilled”.

Jesus is unique, but he is not odd. Better yet, Matthew tells the story in such a way that not only is everything previous to us completed in Jesus; we are completed in Jesus. Every day we wake up in the middle of something that is already going on, that has been going on for a long time: genealogy and geology, history and culture, the cosmos — God. We are neither accidental nor incidental to the story. We get orientation, briefing, background, reassurance. Matthew provides the comprehensive context by which we see all God’s creation and salvation completed in Jesus, and all the parts of our lives — work, family, friends, memories, dreams — also completed in Jesus.

Lacking such a context, we are in danger of seeing Jesus as a mere diversion from the concerns announced in the newspapers. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The Message.
Peterson, Eugene H.

One of the key features of Matthew are the five major discourses by Jesus. The first and longest is the Sermon on the Mount, which contains some of Jesus’ core truths. James, the son of Joseph and Mary, appears to use much of this teaching in his own letter and this is reflected in the Supplementary Material for that book.

Book Youtube Date
Introduction Watch 19 May 13
Chapter One Watch 22 May 13
Chapter Two Watch 24 May 13
Chapter Three Watch 27 May 13
Chapter Four Watch 1 Jun 13
Chapter Five Watch 9 Jun 13
Chapter Six Watch 14 Jun 13
Chapter Seven Watch 16 Jun 13
Chapter Eight Watch 20 Jun 13
Chapter Nine Watch 26 Jun 13
Chapter Ten Watch 05 Jul 13
Chapter Eleven Watch 10 Jul 13
Chapter Twelve Watch 13 Jul 13
Chapter Thirteen Watch 17 Jul 13
Chapter Fourteen Watch 19 Jul 13
Chapter Fifteen Watch 24 Jul 13
Chapter Sixteen Watch 27 Jul 13
Chapter Seventeen Watch 29 Jul 13
Chapter Eighteen Watch 02 Aug 13
Chapter Nineteen Watch 05 Aug 13
Chapter Twenty Watch 07 Aug 13
Chapter Twenty One Watch 10 Aug 13
Chapter Twenty Two Watch 14 Aug 13
Chapter Twenty Three Watch 17 Aug 13
Chapter Twenty Four Watch 20 Aug 13
Chapter Twenty Five Watch 23 Aug 13
Chapter Twenty Six Watch 30 Aug 13
Chapter Twenty Seven Watch 04 Sep 13
Chapter Twenty Eight Watch 06 Sep 13
Summary Watch 06 Sep 13

There is some supplementary material for the book and a mind map of its structure that may prove useful for study. There is also a chart showing the use of Psalm 22 in Matthew Chapter 27.