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The last book of the Bible is known as the Book of Revelation, or the Revelation of John, or sometimes the Apocalypse, or the Apocalypse of John, or simply Revelation. In reality, it is the Revelation of God given through Jesus to the apostle John.

This revelation has the form of a letter, the longest letter in the New Testament. But the title, or heading prefixed to the letter, makes it clear from the start that this is no ordinary letter from a Christian leader to a group of churches. It is a letter from heaven, a prophetic revelation from Almighty God!

While the voice that speaks in the letter is John’s voice, the voice that speaks in the long title is anonymous. It could be John. But if so, John is distancing himself from his own persona by referring to himself in the third person as his servant John. It could also be an individual Christian or a Christian community that is ‘publishing’ John’s long letter after the fact for a wider audience. Quite simply, there is no way to be certain. As far as is known, the voice that speaks in the extended title is not heard again, for the rest of the book stands complete as a letter. It has the customary beginning and ending of early Christian letters, like Paul’s or Peter’s.

The Revelation is about the certainty of the Second Coming of Jesus, who will create a new heaven and a new earth in the manner that was originally intended, and he will rule those who have been faithful to him forever. This will be the fulfilment of all the hope and promises that God has spoken of through Scripture since the dawn of time.

The Second Time is not a further time of dealing with sin that was achieved once for all on the Cross. This time Jesus will come in judgement. The faithful will be rewarded and those who rejected the Christ of God will face eternal damnation, not extinction, but everlasting suffering, separated from the love and presence of God.

There are many eschatological viewpoints and the interpretation of this book depends very much on the individual. An outline of eschatological schools of interpretation can be found here. The book contains much imagery of what it will be like in the final days before Christ returns, which has been widely interpreted throughout the church age to mean different things. Ultimately, it will be done in the way that God deems it to be. Those who choose not to delve too deeply into various interpretations of the detail of this great book, find great solace if they have chosen to follow Jesus and should consider the consequences of failing to do so in this life.

Book Youtube Date
Introduction Watch 03 October 14
Chapter One Watch 07 October 14
Chapter Two Watch 12 October 14
Chapter Three Watch 15 October 14
Chapter Four Watch 17 October 14
Chapter Five Watch 18 October 14
Chapter Six Watch 21 October 14
Chapter Seven Watch 24 October 14
Chapter Eight Watch 27 October 14
Chapter Nine Watch 28 October 14
Chapter Ten Watch 29 October 14
Chapter Eleven Watch 31 October 14
Chapter Twelve Watch 01 November 14
Chapter Thirteen Watch 03 November 14
Chapter Fourteen Watch 07 November 14
Chapter Fifteen Watch 07 November 14
Chapter Sixteen Watch 08 November 14
Chapter Seventeen Watch 10 November 14
Chapter Eighteen Watch 11 November 14
Chapter Nineteen Watch 14 November 14
Chapter Twenty Watch 15 November 14
Chapter Twenty One Watch 17 November 14
Chapter Twenty Two Watch 18 November 14
Summary Watch 16 November 14

There is some supplementary material for the book and a mind map of its structure that may prove useful for study.