2 Peter

The Word Is Alive

Second Peter

By the time Peter wrote this letter he was in a Roman prison awaiting death. He had been caught up in the persecution of Emperor Nero, who had set fire to Rome in order to build monumental buildings of his own design, and had subsequently placed the blame on the local Christian community. As well as Peter, the apostle Paul and thousands of other disciples of Jesus were put to death, some of them as sport against gladiators or even lions.

Although Peter does not necessarily name his recipients there is sufficient evidence in the letter that he is writing once again to churches in eastern Turkey. Peter knows this is the last opportunity he will have to guide this group of believers, who also are facing hardship and persecution, to remain faithful to Christ. He warns them strongly against following the false teachers that were now operating among them, trying to sell them a different gospel than the one that is true of Christ Jesus.

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The studies in this book are based primarily on the NIV translation published in 1984.

There is some supplementary material for the book and a mind map of its structure that may prove useful for study.