1 Peter

The Word Is Alive

First Peter

The apostle Peter had travelled to Rome by the early 60’s AD. Although we have not concrete evidence that he travelled to the locations he writes to, which are parts of what is now eastern Turkey, he seems to be well acquainted with the churches and the issues they are facing.

Peter encourages his readers to endure suffering and persecution they are clearly undergoing at that time. They are to remain faithful in times of distress, knowing that God will vindicate them and that they will certainly enjoy the salvation that the Lord has promised. The death and resurrection of Christ stand as the paradigm for the lives of believers. Just as Christ suffered and then entered into glory, so too his followers will suffer before being exalted.

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The studies in this book are based primarily on the NIV translation published in 1984.

There is some supplementary material for the book and a mind map of its structure that may prove useful for study.