The Word Is Alive

About TWIA

This site came about through divine inspiration; more about that later. It comes from a love of reading God’s Word and the impact that can have on the lives of so many ordinary people, irrespective of what they believe.

The author is not an academic or scholar, just an ordinary person trying to serve God and have fun in doing so. Much of the inspiration behind the work comes from others more suitably qualified and the author does not claim any intellectual rights to the material, most of which is derived from at least three different sources. Many of contributors are not specifically mentioned in the text but they will be added to the contributors list.

There are links to a fuller introduction below. The PDF contains a code that may make the written material more understandable as the text changes colour and design. All is explained in the introduction document. One amendment to that material is that with effect 1 March 2013 all the NIV quotes are from the 2011 version as the host site used has removed the original 1984 version. From 1 April 2013, after the completion of the Gospel of Mark, the NRSVA translation has been used as the default translation.

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Introduction Watch 25 Feb 13